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7 Meticulously Perfect Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipes

Corned beef and Cabbage is a favorite for St. Patrick’s Day, but you can make this recipe any time of the year because its delicious and amazing.

In fact, if you buy a few corned beef briskets when they are on sale and freeze them, you can have pressure cooker corned beef and cabbage any time of the year.

There are a few ways to prepare corned beef and cabbage. The ingredients vary from adding garlic and onions, to cooking with beef broth or beer instead of using just water. No matter how you make your corned beef, the end result is always satisfying.

I will guarantee that these corned beef and cabbage are million times better than any crock pot recipe you’ve ever tried.

5 Mistakes to avoid for a perfect corned beef meal

No matter if this is the first time you are cooking your own corned beef or an old pro curious about how others do it. This list of do’s and don’t’s is must for all of you.

1. Not Rinsing the Meat Before Cooking

This is should be a no-brainer but most of us can make this small mistake which can make your corned beef saltier than you might like. And after all those hours of cooking, if your corned beef is saltier than you bargained for it might be a real downer.

Instead, wash your corned beef with cold water a few times, this will wash off all the excess salt from the brine. Do not worry, this will not reduce its flavor because the meat has soaked all the goodness that it needs.

2. Cooking Over a High Temperature

Brisket is a hard piece of meat, and it is not advised to cook it at high heat. That will only turn it more hard and chew.

Instead, cook it at low heat. Slow cookers works very well for this recipe, it seems like a match made in heave the only thing is it takes too many hours. To reduce the total cooking time, use an Instant Pot/ Pressure Cooker, which will drastically cut down your cooking time to less than half.

3. Not Filling The Pot With Enough Water

No matter what you use in our corned beef recipe, water, beef broth or even beer. You must at all times make sure the piece of meat is always completely submerged in the liquid. Keep checking, and keep topping up your water. This simple tip can save you from the embarrassment of tough and chewy result.

4. Not Cooking The Meat Long Enough

You just can’t rush through this recipe, it takes time and some more. Brisket is typically a tough cut, and if not slow cooked for long it will turn out to be chew and tough and even your pet Tiger won’t like that.

Using a Instant Pot will cut down the time though, as it will pressure cook the meat and this is by far the fastest you can go with corned beef.

5. Cutting the Meat Incorrectly

The way you slice your cooked corned beef actually makes a big difference. Slicing meat with the grain (or in the same direction as the muscle fibers) should always be avoided, as it leaves you with a chewier piece of meat.

Do this instead: Treat corned beef just like steak. Look for the lines of visible muscles fibers on the meat — this is the “grain” of the meat. Always sliced corned beef against the grain (rather than with it). Cutting through the muscle fibers shortens them, and makes each pieces easier to chew.

Your turn! What are your best tips for cooking corned beef? Tell us in the comments.


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